Building Green

There are many home builders, contractors and renovation companies claiming to be "green" or "eco friendly" builders of energy-efficient homes. But how can you be sure you are dealing with a conscientious company that's actually worthy of labelling themselves as eco-friendly home builders? Are they concerned about environmental impact? Are they up to date on energy-efficient building practices? Do they recycle building materials or just throw them into the landfill out of convenience? Look at their history.

Desakota Developments has been carefully building our knowledge and developing best practices as green home builders in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby, researching eco-friendly products, energy-efficient systems and sensitive building techniques for many years. We employ “built green” building techniques in all of our projects, striving to not only meet current building codes, but to exceed them.

Desakota has committed to following one of the country’s most demanding residential construction programs. As green building contractors, we concentrate on not only energy efficiency, but on several other components throughout the building process. This includes job site recycling, the salvage and reuse of building materials, waste prevention, efficient envelope design, the selection of products with a recycled component, the use of longer lasting products, avoiding the use of environmentally sensitive products; and attention to the finished home’s air quality, ventilation systems, and water conservation - just to name a few.

One of our recent projects received an “EnerGuide” rating of 86. To put this rating into perspective, the EnerGuide scale ranges from 0 to 100, accommodating millions of houses across Canada. Many older homes don’t meet a level of 65 on the scale, and new homes, built to current building code standards, typically achieve a rating of about 72. Those that achieve a rating of 80 or higher, are among the most energy efficient houses built in the country, significantly reducing the energy costs for their occupants.

By employing “built green” techniques for new home builds or home renovations, Desakota will create your dream home without sacrificing the environment we live in, or the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship that we deliver.