The lower level of this home was completely gutted and we took over an existing attached carport to obtain more living space. A small upper level addition and new carport rounded out the project. Through this renovation project, we transformed a typical North Vancouver bungalow into a more modern expression, using small architectural tweaks and the careful execution of select product choices.


Glencanyon Home Renovations Glencanyon Home Renovations Glencanyon Home Renovations 2013-11-01 01.42.02.jpg 2013-11-01 01.42.20.jpg 2013-11-01 01.41.10.jpg 2013-11-01 01.42.45.jpg 2013-11-01 01.43.53.jpg Glencanyon front door.jpg Glencanyon.jpg Glencanyon 2.jpg