West Kings

This is a new home designed by Rommel Design and built by our custom home building team for the current owners. This traditionally-styled home provides attractive and functional space for a young family, while also allowing room for a beautiful in-law suite. Care was taken to ensure the basement suite enjoys lots of natural light and easy access.


West Kings Custom Home West Kings Custom Home West Kings Custom Home 2013-11-01 01.19.14.jpg 2013-11-01 01.19.38.jpg 2013-11-01 01.19.55.jpg 2013-11-01 01.20.26.jpg 2013-11-01 01.20.40.jpg 2013-11-01 01.21.19.jpg 2013-11-01 01.22.47.jpg 2013-11-01 01.25.20.jpg IMG_0089.jpg IMG_0112.jpg IMG_0544.jpg IMG_0545.jpg IMG_0546.jpg P1000826.jpg P1000836.jpg P1000837.jpg