Custom Home Building & Renovation Process

Amazing results can be achieved by involving Desakota Developments in your project from the outset. Through nearly 20 years of experience providing custom home building, general contracting and renovation services for home owners in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver, we've learned a thing or two about the process involved in building a new custom home or renovating an existing one properly.

We take pride in consistently delivering  an unsurpassed level of professionalism and  integrity to  our clients. We are focused on  sourcing and supplying quality products and efficiently managing highly-skilled trades people to handle the specific requirements of your project, within your budget.

We offer a fixed price on our general contracting management fee and we do not mark up the work done by our sub trades, passing the savings on to you!

We're happy to help with lot selection for new custom home builds, and can assess the feasibility of your proposed home renovation projects prior to property acquisition. We are problem solvers with the creative insight to walk you through various design scenarios; balancing function, aesthetics and construction costs. We work closely with a number of well-respected local designers and architects, but if you prefer, we'll manage your project designed by your own architect. Either way, we will ensure that the dream home designed for you, is built as you had imagined.

In general, the construction process for custom home building services or renovation services, regardless of when we get involved,  typically consists of the following steps:


During this visit we begin to identify your project’s scope. We talk briefly about budget, and potential challenges – both technical and financial. In short, we set project parameters.


If we are providing home renovation services , the first step is to create drawings illustrating the existing building. Next we outline the proposed changes. For new construction of a custom home, this process obviously only illustrates the new structure. These plans are conceptual in nature, lacking detailed measurements and product requirements. Nevertheless, they do allow for the creation of a rough budget to help you understand the approximate cost.


These plans begin to flush out additional detail. They include dimensions and elevations. We explore the building’s components and function in further detail, planning kitchen and bathroom layouts and other key areas of your home. From these drawings we can create a more detailed cost analysis of your custom home or renovation and the services required.


These drawings include input from a structural engineer. They are fully dimensioned and include cross sections, construction notes and more detailed specifications. At this point we finalize a detailed budget.


The aforementioned completed drawings are submitted for approval to the local municipality. Each municipal building department has its own set of rules guiding the process. Generally, plans are reviewed by a plan checker prior to submission. Upon submission the engineering and building department review the plans to ensure compliance with various regulations. Expect this process to take approximately four to six weeks.


We begin demolition and excavation where applicable. This stage allows us to re-evaluate the project’s scope, if we happen to uncover any new information.


The construction phase of our custom home services or home renovation services has many components: excavation, concrete, drainage, backfill, framing, mechanical rough-ins, building envelope, insulation, drywall, finishing and floor-coverings, cabinet installation, painting, etc. Throughout this process Desakota Developments remains highly involved, dealing with all site conditions and performing regular, scheduled client meetings.

The final step: ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME!